Cooking Classes


Cooking classes experience or give away something unique … because the Italian kitchen Italian is more than just pizza and pasta!

Refine your Italian cooking skills in a class with varied food that will make you feel good. After breakfast, you and my cook take a stroll through the weekly market, get a taste of fresh herbs, get to know new types of vegetables, taste and learn from farmers and fruit growers in the region interesting background information about the food offered, with which we then have a fresh, seasonal and typical Cast a course menu in the in-house kitchen.

Details / services

  • Aperitivo – welcome drink
  • All cooking ingredients and utensils
  • Presentation and explanation of the different ingredients
  • Introduction to the preparation
  • joint tasting of prepared dishes
  • non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
  • Cooking apron is provided on loan
  • recipes

If you are interested in further information and prices, please contact us on the spot or send us an e-mail in advance: